Friday, January 17, 2020

How Therapy for Depression Can Work For You

Therapy for Depression Midland, Alma, St. Johns Michigan

Have you experienced sadness for a long period of time?

Do you have suicidal thoughts or attempted suicidal actions?

Depression occurs when a person experiences feelings of sadness and despair that impair their level of functioning on a daily basis and persist for more than two weeks. Depression is marked by multiple symptoms and can be expressed differently depending on the individual. Therapy helps people to recognize and access their strength, autonomy, and capacity for change. Group therapy can also be a useful form of therapy for depression. The group dynamic provides people with a supportive social network, which can help alleviate common symptoms of loneliness and isolation.

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Therapy for Depression in Alma, Michigan - Gratiot Psychological Services
Therapy for Depression in Clinton County, Michigan - CCMC Psychological Services
Therapy For Depression in Midland, Michigan - Midland Psychological Services

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Therapy for Depression Midland, MI

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